Places To Move In Northern New Mexico For Ultimate Snow Fun

Many people will find themselves wanting to move at one point or another. Some will end up having to move to states like New Mexico, and it may be a bit deceptive. People assume that New Mexico is a desert state without a lot of the luxuries that other states may have. But if you look at Northern New Mexico, you’re going to be absolutely surprised. The ski and snowboarding that exists throughout the state, especially in the north is second to none, and could very well change how you view moving to the state. Whether you’re moving for work, or for fun, you may want to know a few things about where to live for the winter sports, and action sports alike. The following are just a few ideas as to where to move.

The Big City

If you’re going to move to New Mexico, you may want to move to Albuquerque. The reason why is simple, you’re going to be somewhat close to Sandia Peak. This is a resort that has low cost lift tickets, and 125 inches of annual snowfall, with upwards of 39 trails throughout the winter. This resort community will absolutely thrill, and since it’s near the big city, and major airport, you’re going to be centrally located.

Santa Fe (Ski Santa Fe/Lake Peak)

Another great city to check out, albeit a bit smaller than the previous option is that of Santa Fe. There’s a lot to look for here, but you’re going to be in close proximity of Ski Santa Fe and Lake Peak. This is a locale that features 225 inches of snowfall annually, and upwards of 83 different trails to consider. If you’re going to move to New Mexico for the ski and snowboard season, this is a great destination near a lot of jobs, and of course winter sports.


The next option that you’ll no doubt want to look into is that of Taos. This area is a bit smaller in comparison to the other two on this list, but it is near Taos Ski Valley. This area has upwards of 305 inches of snow annually, and has over 110 trails to explore. If you want more adventure, you may check out Wheeler Peak, or Lobo Peak, as well as Pueblo Peak, all nearby. Taos is a city that is smaller than the larger areas of New Mexico, but the proximity to incredible ski resorts, and mountain runs makes it a premier solution to check out for those that want a bit of adventure.