New Mexico Population in Flux Due To Immigration and Emigration

For many years now there has a be an almost calculative immigration from New Mexico into the other areas of the country. There are many factors that can play into this and they will be explored. Yet that isn’t to say that New Mexico is completely at a loss. There is some support to be found. Whether or not this support is here to stay, or quick to leave as the population crisis of New Mexico becomes more well-known has yet to be determined, but the citizens of New Mexico are hopeful.

Most of the inhabitants of New Mexico are leaving not because of crime or because there are housing crises, but because there simply are not enough jobs to go around, even if people have the appropriate credentials to score a high-tier job. So, what most of the citizens are doing is getting their education within the state, then moving outward to places like Colorado and Florida to get those jobs that were promised to them. Some of them come back, but most of the time do not. The education of those moving out of the states are usually a bachelor’s degree or higher, with the education of those moving in being a high school diploma at best. This swing can both be fatal and lifesaving for the state, depending on whether those that are moving in have the drive and innovative thoughts to improve the state, or just moved there for the culture. Whichever one it is has yet to be seen, though it is expected to be identified soon.

Even though nobody is actively moving into New Mexico, the state is still supported through the immigration to The United States as a whole. With plenty of people coming from the east and Asia, wealth is redistributed almost constantly, and New Mexico is given enough to keep them going even without a population as big as the other states. Whether this will remain the same, or if New Mexico will be identified as a dead-end state and cut from those rewards, nobody knows, but it is projected to remain the same even as we come into the 20’s and possibly the 30’s.

Most see the cycle of immigration from New Mexico and the support from the government to continue with the years, because of the problems within the state itself, but proof of this conclusion coming to fruition has yet to be seen, because it all depends on which president takes position in office, and if they will see the problem and fix it. Perhaps we will see a definite answer with the election of a new president in 2020, perhaps it will remain the same. Perhaps the citizens themselves will come up with a solution. Nobody knows, but everyone is hopeful for change.

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