5 Places To Explore In Northern New Mexico

New Mexico has a lot of great cities to explore. If you’re looking at taking a vacation, renting a home, moving and buying a home, or just curious about the amazing locations that abound, the following will help you out. These are 5 major cities that you’ll want to explore if you’re looking for adventure, vacation, or just want to move to somewhere new.

Santa Fe

Santa Fe is a city with rich tradition and deep historical significance. You’ll find that there is a lot to explore here including art, culture, religious sectors, architecture, and outdoor activities. People moving here will feel as though they are in a small city, yet it’s a bit larger than others. The city of Santa Fe has a great deal of ski and snowboarding in the winter, and good heat in the summer, with lots of music, festivals, and much more. Real estate is favorable here, and can be a lot less than surrounding cities and states.

Red River

If you want to move to a small area, with a small population, then you will love this northern section of New Mexico. The population here is less than 600, and the weather shifts quite interestingly. The city is known for tourism, and during the winter it becomes a hotbed for skiing and snowboarding. If you want to get away from it all, and just live in natural areas, this is a place for you. It’s small, it’s a resort town, and it has everything you’d want from a “natural” wonder, nestled in the mountains of Sangre de Cristo.

Angel Fire

Another small city, this one with over 1,000 residents, is another natural wonder. This is an area that is meant for those that want to get away from it all, get a piece of land, a cabin, or a small home and just relax. It’s a location that attracts a lot of fans of skiing and snowboarding. But it’s also one where the small community enjoys a bit of luxury throughout the natural splendor that surrounds the village. There are over 500 acres of ski and snowboarding areas, so if you’re a fan of winter this is a place to move to, no doubt.

Los Alamos

This is a fast-growing smaller city in the state of New Mexico. There’s a lot going on here, and the median income is higher than the rest of the state. If you want a large home, or one that is a bit more advanced than others, you may find that this is a place where you will want to settle. It’s known to have a high concentration of millionaires, and it shows throughout the city, with amazing homes, vacation destinations, and more. This is a place where the Manhattan Project was made famous, and is near vacation destinations and natural forest, etc.


Lastly, another city that you will want to explore if you want to go north within New Mexico is that of Taos. This is where many flock during winter as it is a small town with under 6,000 residents, but has a great proximity to snow resorts. It’s a town that has a lot of historical sites, and small-town charm. It’s a beautiful city with natural splendor, and modern trappings. Real estate is favorable here, and you’ll find that it can very well be a grand option for you and your family.